Come See DNJ Pro with LEDs and Moving Lights at Booth 743!

For the past two months, DNJ Pro has readied for LDI 2016! We are ready to greet you with a full coffee bar, candy, soda, a VIP lounge area and some very cool giveaway products
LDI 2016 will be the second LDI for the Novalight brand, and the very first for Radial Performance LED!

Novalight’s Nova-Scope, Super-Nova, Nova-Flower, and High-Grounds are effects to not be missed (but, you will probably see them from across the hall anyway!) Novalight provides one of the brightest and most powerful moving lights in the industry. Novalight also produces a line of searchlight/sky tracker style lights with the Booster, Single-Max, and Single.

Radial Performance LED is a professional brand of LED products including Flexi-Tape, Nodes, Orbs, Spheres, and Tubes.