DNJ Pro is a leading provider of professional-grade LED lighting from Minleon USA! From LED Festoon Lights, to LED TrikLits, LED Orbs, LED Tape, LED Tubes, and LED String Lighting, DNJ Pro carries it all- including the Accessories, Cabling, AC/DC Power Supplies/Power Modules, and Controllers to create an entire seamless LED lighting package.

All of Minleon’s LED lights are commercial-grade and outdoor rated. Minleon LED Triklits, LED Pebble Lights, LED Orbs, LED Tape, LED Tubes, LED Spheres, and LED Bullet Lights can be used in a variety of applications including Christmas and Holiday Decorating, Christmas Tree Lighting, Architectural/Building Lighting, Shopping Center Lighting, Special Event Lighting, Restaurant Lighting, Bar Lighting, Movie Theater Lighting, and much more.

Minleon’s LED lights are extremely durable and can withstand the stress of both permanent and temporary installations. Contact DNJ Pro today about putting together an LED Lighting Package that fits your needs and budget!