DNJ Pro is the exclusive entertainment lighting distributor for Minleon LED! If you are looking for programmable light strings, color-changing lights on strings, color-changing LED strands, or RGB LED Light Strings- DNJ Pro can help you find the right commerical grade LED products for your application. DNJ Pro distributes Minleon TrikLits, Minleon Pebbles, Minleon Tube Lights, Minleon Spheres, Minleon Bullet Pixels, Minleon LED Dome Lights, and Minleon Decorative Strings. Almost all of DNJ Pro and Minleon’s RGB LEDs are available via LED string cabling. LED Lighting Strands by Minleon are professional high quality RGB LEDs that can be used both indoor and outdoor and are weatherproof! Our controllable color-changing Minleon RGB LEDs are perfect for LED Christmas Lighting, LED Buiding Perimeter Lighting, LED Theater Lighting, Professional Entertainment Lighting Decor such as for theater or live performances or events, Professional RGB LED Casino Lights, Professional RGB LED Restaurant Lighting, and much, much more!