LED RGB Triklits

Whether you are updating an existing lighting design or creating an entirely new venue or lighting layout, DNJ Pro can help you with all of your commercial LED lighting needs. From RGB LED String Lights, to RGB LED TrikLits and Orbs, to RGB LED Pebble Strings, DNJ Pro has it all. DNJ Pro is the exclusive entertainment sector distributor for Minleon RGB LED products. Not only does DNJ Pro provide the LEDs, but also the necessary accessories including power supplies, cabling, and control solutions. DNJ Pro also has a dedicated design team to help our clients with the conception and plan for lighting- whether it be the entire roof perimeter or an RGB LED chandelier! Customer service and technical support is readily available for any issues or questions that may arise on the job site. Contact us today for a demo kit or to learn more about our products! DNJ Pro provides RGB LED Orbs, RGB LED TrikLits, RGB LED Tape, RGB LED Pebble Lights, and RGB LED Tubes for both the rental and installation market!