DNJ Pro is a customer-service driven entertainment lighting distributor serving North America.

DNJ Pro is the sole North American distributor of Radial Performance LED (LED RGBW lighting products) and Power Bulb (LED RGBW Programmable Replacement Light Bulb System)

Our objective is to provide effective system solutions and state-of-the-art products to rental houses, systems integration companies, performing art venues, educational facilities, contractors, consultants, and lighting designers. We pride ourselves on providing organized and informative product demonstrations within our sales structure.

DNJ Pro maintains a constantly updated on-site inventory to provide entertainment supplies when you need it most. In addition, we recently renovated our office space, showroom, and warehouse to better serve you!

At DNJ Pro, we are dedicated to superior customer service. With our knowledgeable staff of entertainment professionals from every industry (film, television, theater, concert, and private events), exceptional product lines and distributor rights, DNJ Pro is sure to provide you with the absolute best in service and equipment.

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