RGB LED Light Tubes

Minleon’s LED RGB Light Tubes can easily transform any space into a lighting spectacle! Create eye catching lighting effects such as LED Tube Chandeliers, LED RGB Icicle Lights, LED Snowfall Light Tubes, LED Chasing Waterfall Light Tubes and more with Minleon’s’s LED RGB Tube Lights. These LED RGB Tubes are extremely durable both in physical composition and weather and temperature resistance.

Minleon RGB LED Tube Lights Cut Sheet


Minleon’s RGB LED Light Tubes can create beautiful and clever effects. Use Minleon’s RGB Tube Lights in stage and set design, venue decor, event lighting and design, architainment, attractions, and more! Extremely durable in physical composition and temperature and weather resistance, these LED Light Tubes can be utilized for almost any application. Minleon’s RGB Light Tubes are available for purchase anywhere in North America- United States, Canada, and Mexico!

Compatible with Light Control Consoles, Art-Net Protocol, & Minleon Controllers

Fully Customizable- Colors, Effects, & Pixel Mapping

16-Bit RGB LEDs Offer a Smooth Dimming Curve

Consistent and Dependable: 60,000 Hour Life!

Variable LED Spacing, Tube Lengths, & Wire Colors

Weather Resistant- IP 65

-4°F to 122°F Working Temperature

Optional Availability to Connect End-to-End

Compatible with Light Control Consoles & Minleon Controllers

UL & CSA Listed

Poly Carbonate Material- Extreme Strength and Durability!

1 Year Warranty


Voltage: 12V DC

Power & Current: .34 Watts/LED – .03A/LED

IP Rating: 65

Working Temperature: -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)

LED Module: SMD 5050 (Superior Lighting Power

LED Spacing: 4in. (4 LEDs/ft.) & 6in. (3 LEDs/ft.)

Tube Diameter: T5

Tube Lengths: 1ft., 2ft., 3ft., 4ft., 5ft., & 6 ft.

Tube Colors: Clear, Frosted, & Fluted

Coating Material: Polycarbonate

Female End Connector: With or Without

DNJ Pro is your number one source for LED Tube Lights. Create LED Chandeliers, LED Colored Building Perimeter Lighting, LED RGB Christmas Trees, Life-Size Moving Sound Levels / Sound Frequency Displays, and more with our Digital Tube Lighting and Digital LED RGB Tubes. DNJ Pro is a United States, Canada, and Mexico distributor for Minleon’s LED Products including their versatile LED RGB Tubes. Our Programmable LED RGB Tubes are durable and waterproof. Minleon’s LED RGB Tube Lights provide 360 degree visibility and can be hung or mounted for a variety of applications.